Tera CB1 Successful!

Despite a slow start last weekend, the first closed beta for Tera went really well. It was fun to have a chance to play with some old friends and to learn the basics for a new game.

The next closed beta will begin February 24th. We will be rerolling on one of the PVP servers, stay tuned to the AnK forums (or join us on Vent) for more information.

Official release for Tera remains May 1st.

People interested in playing with us in Tera, please use the Recruitment button on the left to apply (disregard questions that don’t apply, our application is in the process of being updated!).

Tera Recruitment

*Reposting from Tera Forums http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/guild-hall/topics/Aoi-No-Kaze-Hardcore-OceanicNA-Guild*

First off, you may think oh just another guild claiming to be ‘hardcore’, let me start off with some proof! At the same time let me try avoid a wall of text.
The latest game we were in is Aion claiming many world first and maintaining rank 1 the entire time we played. For this we were even published in the first release of the official magazine posted on the Aion homepage.
http://i42.tinypic.com/n15k5v.jpg / http://i44.tinypic.com/259zy3d.jpg / http://i39.tinypic.com/21y71u.jpg

= Now who are we? =
First established in 2003 in Ragnarok Online, since then we have moved through the gaming ages picking up elite players on the way. Constantly seeking and achieving dominance where ever we go. The vast majority of our members are veterns with experience and knowledge in a diverse range of games/platforms.

= What do you mean Oceanic / NA? =
We have a large member base in both the Oceanic and NA regions which comes with various benefits such as world boss hunting.

= What do can I expect for joining? =
At no cost, you will have access to a ping reducing gaming tunnel, limitless ventrilo server, fully functional forum/website/twitter.
There will be scheduled and dedicated groups running just about everything.

= What is expected of me if I join? =
We are a large group of diverse individuals who are expected to respect each other. You will be required to be on atleast 4 hours per day, have active involvement in guild events and show maturity/common sense.

= Where can I find out more? =
РWebsite: www.aoinokaze.net
РForum: www.aoinokaze.net/forum
РTwitter: www.twitter.com/aoi_no_kaze

Server selection

Only 2 servers available from what I see(was 5). If it remains this way, we will go with Dragonfall.. cause spiders suck.
Remember vent is always available for immediate communication.

Tera Time!

With the upcoming closed beta for Tera just around the corner(16 hours from now) many of us will be participating. If you still wish to do so please check the forums on how. We will be making a decision based on the beta whether Tera will be our next target for domination, at this stage it is likely.
Stay tuned for more information, a decision on CB server will be made in the next 8 hours.