New Official AnK Logo/Banner

Its come to the point I feel its necessary to have an official Logo and Banner for AnK

Over the years I’ve used different styles to suit the game, but now wish to incoporate a consistent logo with banner.

I’m looking to get it done of a professional level really, for two main reasons.

First being, since it will be used in everything to keep consistency it has to look awesome, something you would be proud to bear.

The second being, to do something of this importance I don’t really want to ask people I know, incase I offend them by not using what they made.

Moral of the story? If you or someone else might be able to do this task please contact me. I’d also be willing to take donations if I need to get it professionally done because they aren’t cheap.

I have a freelancer in mind, with samples of their work that can be seen here –

Website complete!

Alright pretty much after a long night of tweaking and ripping apart the code I’ve finished the website.

For those that knew the previous one it may seem very similar which it is, I just wanted to redo it with a tidier format which lets me edit it easier.

One of the bigger changes you may notice is the game icons as part of the banner showing where Aoi No Kaze has been.

The initial raw layout is thanks to Siyo and the remainder of the work was done by me.

Ventrilo down + new web layout

Just to let everyone know briefly that the ventrilo server is down. It doesn’t look like it will be coming back up any time soon so I have purchased a new server. It should be available very shortly and it will be able to hold 20 people. Please check back to see the new details.

The other thing is as you may have noticed, I’m working on a new webpage layout because a few people complained about the old one. Will be constantly updating it.